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The Chico Independent Film Festival (CIFF California) is an annual event that celebrates independent filmmaking in Chico, California. The festival typically takes place over the course of several days and features a diverse selection of independent films from around the world.

CIFF California showcases films that explore a wide range of themes and genres, including drama, comedy, documentary, and experimental cinema. 

The festival is known for its commitment to supporting emerging filmmakers and highlighting underrepresented voices and perspectives.

In addition to film screenings, CIFF typically includes panel discussions, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and other events that give audiences the opportunity to engage with the films and the people behind them. 

The festival also offers awards in various categories, including Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, and Audience Choice.

The Chico Independent Film Festival is a community-driven event that brings together filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and local businesses in support of independent cinema. 

The festival provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with audiences, and it offers audiences the opportunity to discover new and exciting voices in cinema.

Our Streaming! of the festival is growing rapidly and will encompass Local to Global VR, Animation, Computer Only Generated Footage, 3D, etc this season to inspire our youth to go with the future! #IndyArtsNorCal

All Fire Camp Fire Victims will be WAIVED Submissions fees. 

We love you NorCal, show the world what has happened and share about how INDEPENDENT FILM can change lives and seed projects of all of ARTS!:)


The Chico Independent Film Festival is a Partner and fiscally sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports people and projects that use media and the arts to build community and participation. Federal tax ID: 94-3355076.

“Indie Film Walk Weekend” 

Local Gatherings for All to Join!

10.27.2023 7-Close VIP Party Table/Raffle

|CIFF California 2023| LOCAL and GLOBAL Films| for Tickets and details!

Bio for Kelly M. Desmore

Producer/Senior Programmer: CIFF California             

The Chico Independent Film Festival (CIFF California) 

it is my duty and honor to bring opportunity 

and praise to Chico, California.

Working with the Chico Community Arts 

for over 30 years, has given me a perspective of hope 

and praise in filming our lovely landscape and people, 

for generations to come. Reviving the film experience in Chico and Butte County is what we are currently focused on for the coming years. Since 1905 we have had stunning movies made and numerous styles of films developed from our gorgeous land. With over 35 personal years of shooting manual photography, video/film creation and editing, multimedia design and performance, my goal is 

to merge this current media, with our foundation of over 100 years of documentation of the arts. 

CIFF California is the evolution of 4 other film festivals done throughout the years while filming, teaching and performing with varied artist’s mediums, from 1993-2023.

Planting the seeds for a clear vision of Chico’s future of what has already been available to our community for years, is coming to fruition in the 2023 Season.

See you there!

Kelly M. Desmore

Founder/Producer/Senior Programmer of CIFF California.

How did CIFF California get its start?

CIFF California started about 20 years ago with my meetings after 4 local Film Festivals that I helped 

Produce or was Senior Programmer for, such as: 

“The Kaleidoscope Film Festival” 

(produced at Multimedia Lab, CSU, Chico State 

University in 2003) at Senator Theater in 2002-03.

Electronic Music Ensemble Composer/Performer under 

Dr. Barker Program, “Sonic Fusion” Shows at CSU Chico. 

And then DNA Produced, “Nowhere by Nowhere Film Festival”

(500 bands in one weekend with films), that CIFF California was created shortly after as a concept. 

After filming for over 30 years and seeing how working with our beautiful landscape, I fell in love with Northern California. Being from Hollywood and seeing the industry up close and personal, I envisioned how this area could revive its film history. 

Since 1905 we have had Independent Film as well as Major Motion Pictures filmed and 

distributed all over the world. Now is our chance to Re-create an Event, with Music and Food. 

Our friends who love Film Festivals encouraged us to do our own style. That is exactly what anyone coming to see films wants, and it allows them to learn about our area:) 

Our Xth festival is really feeling like part of the Chico community this year, with an enormous 

Halloween Weekend, on opening night!

The Directors need us, and the films need to get out to the world.

We are known for being very good at all arts, and will continue with that trend in our genre, movies!

CIFF California goes for 2 days with numerous styles of film showings and events. 

(Could you break it down for our readers?:)

Horror Weekend! 2 days of Film, Music #TrickorTreat

Film is part of our local history forever.

#indiechico Tickets online NOW or day of Event:

VIP #FESTPASS Pass for Non-Members:

$20.00 for 2 days of Film, 

Music and Awards Horror Happy Hour. 


Online or delivery to you on any purchases.

Members: $10.00

Students: $00.00:) CODE: CHICOINDIEFREE

Opening night is in Downtown Chico, Ca. 

Our Local Filmmaker Spotlight!, 

Director & Producer, Paradise, California USA

Daniel B. Salas has made it well in 

Butte County for himself, and for the future of Chico, Ca.

#LocalWorldPremiere “Modern Genesis”, 

an Award Winning Film Featuring Local Filmmaker, 

Daniel B. Salas.

This is a portrait of the United States seldom seen in the mass media. 

 It is our Local Appreciation Night for a colorful array of Chico’s Finest Mixed Media films, music videos, performance & Directors! 

Think Harvest, with lots of Chico flavor…


#LocalWorldPremiere – “Hotel Dunsmuir”

 by Director Michael Z. Hall

Featuring Jet Jandreau

Halloween Weekend 10.28.2023 

Season X, Land in Film Series. 

10th Anniversary Music Showcase of X Years plus Locals:) Email for details.

CSU Chico Alumni Showcase 

3D and animation world. Go Chico State! 

Horror Happy Hour Table & Raffle in 

Downtown Chico, CA, yum! is hosting the most, and will have a rainbow of colorful couture and friends to offer us all night! 

Our evening ends with Jon Tracy, Director & Crew Director’s Talk and Meet/Greet!…and the gracious sounds that delight everyone in Chico. See you all there Chico, bring family and friends. Tickets online or day of showing.

How can people get involved with CIFF California 

whether by submitting films or volunteering? Volunteers…everything happens here with you!

The Chico Independent Film Festival/Foundation 

is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose purpose 

is to support and develop the growth of 

independent filmmakers in California. 

CIFF’s California’s mission statement is to promote the presentation of works by filmmakers and administer educational programs in Butte County, California.

Endeavors will support the evolution of independent films.


It sounds like there’s a lot more to CIFF California than just movies. What else can people expect?

Expect a growing, creative force that encompasses all of Chico and its talent.  From World Premiere’s to Local Vintage Films, to Global Indies! This is our only “Independent Film Experience”.

Why should people attend CIFF California Showings?

Whether you live here in Chico, Ca. 

or want to come visit, this is a community gathering. 

Our Film Garden is sprouting, watch us closely and be a part of this enjoyable Series every year now! 

There is a “Storyteller” in Everyone, just grab a camera when you want a more enhanced version. Please refer to our web site, CIFF California will facilitate any needs that 

visitors and filmmakers require!

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